How to Live a Fulfilling Life

Awhile back I posted “On Living a Fulfilling Life.” This post was just my general musings and observations, with no research  backing it.

Then, a couple of days ago, I got a comment from  Irene Virera, who had just published an info-graphic on this subject, which is quite wonderful. So rather than updating my previous post, I’d thought I would share with you these 7  tips in this post.

Ready, lets begin.

The first tip on the info-graphic is what  was posted about in my previous post which is

  1. Live and Accept the Present. This is such a good point, as I mentioned in the last post, that we can be so focused on our goals and dream life, that we forget  to live presently, and miss out on opportunities for fellowship with friends and family.  As stated in the info-graph “Living in the present moment has a dramatic effect on our overall well-being.”
  2. Show Kindness. Sometimes we get so absorbed in what we want to do with our lives, that we forget to show acts of kindness. However, providing someone with a service without compensation, will allow us to have more compassion and a spirit of giving.
  3. Express Gratitude.  As the info-graph states,”There is always something to be grateful for.” This is absolutely true. While we don’t feel like we are living out our dream life, we still have friends, family, our jobs, etc, there is always something or someone to be thankful for.
  4. Grow and be inspired.  Grow in your learning and wisdom. Set goals,  plan, and accomplish them. You have to work to create your dream life. And no one is better at doing this then you are!  We grow though experiences and then gain wisdom though our failures and successes.
  5. Forgive and Let Go. This tip is great in acknowledging the need to let the past be the past. Forgive yourself for your failures, and plan and set goals for yourself in the future.  What we did yesterday cannot be changed, and tomorrow is not a given, so live with the urgency as all we have is today.  We cannot move forward when we keep looking back.
  6. Practice the Middle Way.  This means  taking care of your physical as well as your mental health. When your body is in perfect health, your mind can function at its peak level. I know for myself, if I feel lethargic bodily, I also feel that way mentally. However if I am energetic in the body, I am also energetic in the mind. There must be a harmony between the body and the mind.
  7. Simply Life.  Don’t let things and cutter get out of control. Also don’t let your engagements get out of control either. Make sure you set your focus on living a life you will truly enjoy. As a result of living simply, there will be, as stated in the info-graphic “more clarity, less clutter helping you to focus on one thing at a time  to achieve more and live towards a more fulfilling an happier life.”

Alright, these are the tips in the info-graphic. I do hope you found them helpful and will use them to live a more fulfilling life in the future.

To read the inforgraphic in the original context here is the link 7 Ways to Live a More Fulfilling Life Today

And a big thank you for Irene  for letting me use this information.

Have a blessed day,

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