Spending the day in my Favorite City


Recently I had the opportunity to have a fun day full of wonderful shopping and sightseeing. Today I will take you along with me back to that time.

We started the day with buying tickets at the train station. Now I could have driven there, but an hour drive there and back did not sound as appealing to only having a 45 min train ride there and back, without the hassle of trying to find a parking place.

I have always loved train rides. When I am on the train, I try to imagine back in the olden days when train rides were the fastest method of transportation, with people enjoying a cup of tea or reading the newspaper.  Today, of course,  there is instead of newspaper, laptops, and instead of tea, Starbucks coffee, but it was a very scenic  ride.

Once wrose picturee had arrived, we spent some time taking pictures at the rose garden. The roses were nearing the end of their season, but there were still some that were really pretty.

Then we went to my all-time favorite shop Lilly Pulitzer. Last time I came, I found a beautiful agenda, but thought I had time to get it later. However, I was called into work, and had to leave earlier than planned and was not able to get it. So I made sure I got it this time, along with early Christmas shopping for my sister.

Later, we met up with a friend, Brianna to get our pottery that we had painted two weeks ago at All Fire Up. I had painted a pretty little vase, and my sister a hedgehog, and Brianna, a little bowl. They all turned out really pretty.   Then we decided to go to the Rollins’s museum, as we were not able to last time we were here. There were really some interesting surrealism art there.

parisan sandwitchThen it was time to eat.  Being  adventurous, I decided to eat at a French restaurant, called Croissant Gourmet. They had really good sandwiches. I got the Parisian sandwich, which had apple slices, brie, and mustard, on cranberry bread.  It was so delicious.  My sister, Sarah  got the Nordique Croissant, that had salmon in it. That was also really good.

After lunch, we went to the Winter Park Historic museum, which is has a World War 11 theme. I loved looking at all the artifacts from the 1940’s. Especially the toys from that century, all wooden, no battery operation or electronics here.

We went to a few more shops before heading home. We had a wonderful time, and told Brianna we should do this again soon.  I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I will see you again soon.


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