A Challenge: Counting Everything I own

Welcome back dear readers,

In today’s post, I have a  challenge for myself.

Recently, I have embarked on a mission to decluter my room that I share with my sister. And in my last post, I reviewed the book that I am currently using to declutter my room, “Living with Less: How to Downsize to 100 personal Items.”

So today, I am going to take the challenge and count everything that I own.

Things I am not including this time are clothing, jewelry, makeup, body care products,  books, and purses. Mainly because these  categories I share with my sister and they are not truly 100 percent mine.   My sister and I are trying to declutter our room as a team , so in future posts I will share how many clothes, books, makeup, etc. we share together and then try to downsize from there.

Well ready? Here is what I own….

  1. keyboard
  2. Tea set
  3. Medium sewing machine
  4. small sewing machine
  5. easel
  6. Bible
  7. Journals
  8. Digital Camera
  9. computer
  10. Kindle
  11. cellphone
  12.  Lilly Pulitzer Planner
  13. Jewelry making kit
  14. Nail Kit
  15. Books [ the ones I own which are 22 in all :)]
  16. Software items
  17. Sewing box
  18. Tatting needles
  19. knitting needles
  20. crochet needles
  21. yarn
  22. sketch book
  23. oil paints
  24. watercolor paper
  25. watercolor paint pallet
  26. painting brushes
  27. quill pen
  28. dip ink pen
  29. ink
  30. CD’s
  31. earring tree
  32. nail polish
  33. Vera Bradly Bag
  34. red bag
  35. silver bag
  36. sunglasses [ which need to be replaced 🙁 ]
  37. Blue wallet
  38. Samantha Thavasa Wallet
  39. Dressing gown (2)
  40. tea cups
  41. gift wrapping supplies
  42. scrap booking paper
  43. paper
  44. stationary supplies
  45. earphones
  46. umbrella
  47. water bottle
  48. mirror
  49. candles

All I can say is that I am shocked at the number of items that I have.  I thought I had much less!!  I am glad I took the challenge though, and know that including the categories that my sister and I share I can easily be over 100, maybe even over 200.

Well, now I am going to see what I donate and get this list down a bit.

See you next time,


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