How to be Productive

Happy October all,

In today’s blog, I will be sharing some tips on how to be productive. To me  having a productive day is to get the things done that matter most for the future, such as writing my blog posts, writing in my novel, writing my letters for my society, etc.  Getting all of these tasks are important for the future, as I have friends depending on my letters, readers wanting to read more blog posts, and me wanting to get my book out so it can be enjoyed by all.

So, how do you have a productive day when there are a million other tasks that need to be done?

Well this post is for you and read on for my six tips for having a productive day. business-1209705_1920

Being productive is never easy, as it entails having solid time management skills. Honestly, I don’t believe I have the best skills, and it has taken me many years of trial and error to get to the place where I am now. But here are my  six tips that have gotten me through high school and college.

  1. Have a written to do list.  I started writing down everything that I wanted to do in a day before high school. Before this, my to-do list was not so extent and I could remember everything I needed to do. But as I got older, I would miss a thing or two for school, and my teacher advised everyone on keeping a school agenda and writing everything that needed to be done for school in it, such as notes, books that needed to be read before class, and this method has stuck even to this day.
  2. Keep it simple and goal oriented: I still struggle with this, as it is tempting to put down even the simple housework tasks that need to be done. However, the temptation is with doing this is to get the non-important items done first, because they are easy, and doing the harder items later.  It may sound like a good strategy in the beginning, but once all the housework, laundry, dishes, dinner, is done, then you are too tired to focus on the important tasks, which leads me to the third tip.
  3. Knock off the most important task first: I like getting the most goal oriented stuff done in the morning, before I get distracted with housework, meals, laundry, etc. This really helps with concentration, and I am able to get it done much more quicker than when I do these tasks later. So I like to do my blog post drafts in the morning, (though I do like to publish them  right after,  but  some posts take more time to edit)  when I am fresh, write in my novel, and get my letters outlined. Getting these things done first makes me more excited to continue checking items off my to-do list, and more creative and excited for the future.
  4. Time yourself if you are easily distracted: If you are like me and easily distracted, then using a timer such as time-left will help you concentrate and get those items done. I find if I don’t time myself with the tasks that are difficult or my least favorite, I always end up on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, doing anything but the task at hand. So giving myself an hour to get it done, and actually watching the seconds, then minutes roll by, motivates to get that task done.
  5. Get someone you know involved if you need it: There is nothing like having someone know of your goals and then holds you accountable. We all know the feeling of dread and embarrassment when everyone in the class hands in their homework or paper, everyone except you. So if you know this is an important goal, and has some specific tasks attached to it, get someone you trust involved and have them check in on you. The results can be very rewarding.
  6. Reward yourself: Last of all reward yourself. If this goal setting and getting things done is new to you, start small and reward yourself when you are finished. The reward could be a manicure, a movie night,  a date night with girlfriends, anything that will help you get into the habit of being productive long term.

Alright, that is all my tips for being productive. I hope that this was helpful, and let me know in the comments if you have anything to add in the list.

Have a great, productive day,


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