How many Clothes do I Own?


On Saturday morning, I summoned up the courage to count all the clothes my sister and I share. I did not realize the sheer amount of clothing we had.

So here is the breakdown

9 jackets/blazers

1 coat

10 button-up sweaters

17 sweaters/long-sleeved tops

50 short sleeved tops

47 dresses (including summer and winter)

4 shorts

7 capris

25 skirts

5 pants

So, all this adds up to a grand total of  181 clothes. Wow!

So my sister and I went though all of that and managed to get rid of one bag’s worth of clothes. We will get rid of more clothes in the future as we are in the process of replacing some clothes that we have had for years. When I was going though the clothes, I realized that most of them were not the style that I would pick. Because I am so small, it is very hard to find something that fits well. So if I do find something that fits, yet is not my style, I will get it anyway, just to have something new to wear.  Now that I have found some great online sites that tailor for smaller people, this has changed. So we are in the slow process of replacing items that are not our style anymore.

So I hope this was helpful for you. I will do a complete post of what I have in my closet when I am done. My sister and I are considering getting a professional closet organizer for our closet. So I will definitely will post and take pictures when that is all done.

Have a great Monday,



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