Christmas Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays! 

Since Christmas is almost here, 13 days away in fact, I thought I would do a post on Christmas Gift Ideas.

This post will be just an all-round ideas. I will do a specific post for gifts for him/her with various price ranges.

For kids and Teens

Kids are oftentimes hard to find presents for. This is because there is always so many toys for kids these days, it is hard to keep track of even how many toys your own children have.  So here are a few ideas for children.

  1. For  those kids that have everything, I would suggest giving them something that they are very interested in. If example, if a child is really into art, give them an art set or if a child is interested in science, a telescope or microscope would be the perfect gift. Just find out from their parents what gift would be appropriate.
  2. Movie tickets or a concert.  Studies have shown that we remember experiences and events more than we remember gifts. So why not gift them with a outing seeing their favorite or must-see movie or concert.
  3. If a child has a specific desire to learn an instrument, sport, dance, or art, then giving them lessons would be the perfect gift for them. Dance lessons were always on my wishlist when I was growing up!
  4. A family trip is also a great way to give your kids travel experience.
  5. Gift your children some domestic items, such as child sized aprons, baking supplies, sewing supplies, little dusters and mops. These gifts will allow your children to appreciate domestic duties and you have a chance to teach them to enjoy homemaking.

For Parents

Finding presents for parents can also be quite challenging but there are some presents that they will thoroughly enjoy.

  1. A scrape book or collage of old pictures.
  2. Photo-book. Last year I made a photo-book on shutter-fly for my parents, which included some pictures from our Washington trip, several years past that never got developed or seen. My parents were so happy to get this gift.
  3. Paintings. I have given both my parents oil paintings that I made. Of course it isn’t perfect or professional, but  I know they enjoyed it  because they knew how much love and time it took me to make. So if you are a crafty person, giving them something homemade will surely make them happy at Christmas.
  4. Gift cards to go to their favorite restaurant or event.

For Friends

Friends can be hard to find a gift for as well. Either you don’t know what they already have, or it has been awhile since you have seen them, and aren’t sure if their tastes have changed.  So here is a list of general gifts you can give them.

  1. Spa gifts ( I mean who doesn’t like this?!)
  2. candles  in their favorite scent
  3. gift cards to their favorite shop
  4. movie tickets to the movie that they are dying to see
  5. Or a gift that contributes to their hobbies or passions. Such as new gardening gloves for the gardener, painting set for the painter, etc.

Always keep in mind that a gift for someone doesn’t have to be expensive or a massive gift. Sometimes the smaller gifts are the most perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for your Christmas shopping.

Happy Monday,



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