How to get into a Routine to Accomplish your Goals

     We all have been there. We made a fantastic goal to ourselves, maybe a crafty one, a self-improvement one, or an exercise one. We know mentally that this is a good goal. However, when we try to live it out, it seems like we have failed.

Today I will be sharing some tips to get into a routine to accomplish your goals.

  1.  It is really important to find a routine that works for you, Maybe one of your goals is to be physically fit. Thus, you need to set up a routine that allows you to incorporate a daily workout into your schedule. Find out what workout routine would work for you, a morning, mid-day, or evening workout.  Once that is done plan your day accordingly.
  2. Set up your goals. Then use the S.M.A.R.T method to plan out how you will achieve them. This is also important, as breaking the larger goal into smaller achievable goals will help you make a routine for them. For example, I want to publish a book one day. I used the S.M.A.R.T method, to make this goal more attainable. By having a deadline to have the book finished by December, and writing four pages every day, this goal is achievable in a everyday routine of just sitting down in the morning and writing those four pages. Of course they won’t be perfect, but at least it is something. One can work with something, but never with nothing.
  3. Allow yourself some skip days. We all will have those days where getting anything done is near impossible.  Since I am working full time in retail, my hours vary from week to week. Thus, sometimes the habits that I schedule for the morning have to be done in the evening, or not at all that day, if I have something planned for the whole afternoon. So, don’t let yourself down if you cannot get everything done, just make sure you get back into the routine the next day, so you won’t get too off track.
  4. Watch your Progress. If you do something everyday, you will want to track your progress.  My main recommendation is Productive, which is available for free. This app allows you to make habits, then  cross them off as it were a real checklist. One big benefit is that it tracks your progress, which can be really motivating to keep going and not miss a habit.

As a warning, as with anything new, the first couple of months are daunting and can be exhausting.  Your body is trying to adjust, but don’t let the exhaustion hinder you from accomplishing your goals.   Reward yourself when you have completed a week of the routine and then slowly try to improve upon that.   Remember to train for a marathon doesn’t happen in one day, so neither will your habits.  These habits will take time, dedication, and perseverance to grow and stick.  But the rewards will be tremendous. You will become fit, you will be well on your way to becoming a better writer, musician, or artist.  So don’t get down on what you didn’t get done, but look at what you have already accomplished, and know that everyday is a new one that you can try again.

I hope these tips were helpful, and I will see you in the next post,


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