How to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning

Alright, since it is finally spring, you know what this means, the dreaded spring-cleaning and de-cluttering.

Well don’t worry, I have some tips for you to get that dreaded spring cleaning done and out of your mind ( at least for a another year).

The first step is to get all your cleaning done first so that you can concentrate on your clutter. This might take a weekend and tackling clutter will take another couple of weeks, so make sure you pace yourself and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get as much done as you want. Just as long as it gets done is all that matters.  So get out your vacuum and start vacuuming all your carpets, furniture and any fixtures that are often neglected, such as ceiling fans, air vents, and lamps etc.  Then go from there to all the bathrooms and scrub down all the showers and floors.  Next, tackle the kitchen, and clean out the pantry, fridge, and behind appliances such as the stove and fridge. I saved the kitchen for last as it will take the longest, a good day’s work or more.

So here is a list of what you can do each weekend

  • Week 1 Dusting all fixtures tall and high: Vacuum all carpets and if time allows shampoo all carpets
  • Week 2 Clean all bathrooms thoroughly.  Get a grout brush and with equal parts of vinegar and baking soda make a paste to get all that mildew and mold out of the grout tiles. Scrub the bathroom floor, and make sure all counter tops are cleaned and the toilet de-stained and cleaned.
  • Week Three:  Kitchen: Clean the fridge. Clear the pantry of any expired food and thoroughly clean it. Take appliances out and clean behind them.
  • Week Four: Clean bedrooms and start on cluttering

Now that the seasons cleaning is done, you can now concentrated on areas that are cluttered. Perhaps you cleaned these areas a little so that you could do the cleaning. Now it is time to really get down and finish them. There are numerous ways to go about this  and many books on the subject. My favorite two books that I am going through to get my spring cleaning and decluttering done are “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo as well as  “Living with Less: How to Downsize to 100 Personal Possessions.” by Mary Lambert.  So I highly suggest you look through those to get your decluttering done.  I will be doing some separate posts on decluttering, so stay tuned for those.

Have a great day,


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