How to Find Your Passion

So you want to venture out on you own, but don’t know where to begin, whether this be a hobby, or turning what you love to a profitable job.

Everyone has passion, but finding what your passion is can be tricky.


Here are a few tips to help you clarify what makes you alive.

  1. To start, you need to find what makes you really alive. By this, I mean what can you not stop thinking about doing as soon as you get home from work. What can’t you stop talking  about? What do you do the moment you get up from bed?( other than watching TV, media, eating breakfast etc.). For me answering these questions would be writing as soon as I get home. I am always thinking about new posts to write, and the first thing I think about in the morning is  writing and editing my blog posts and novel.  This is what I love doing.
  2. Narrow your passion to a boarder category. Such as if you enjoy teaching, find out what you enjoy about teaching. For instance, you might enjoy influencing the kids, which might mean your passion is leadership. Or you like helping others, so you might have a passion for non-profit organizational work. Finding a boarder category for your passion will help you find what areas you enjoy. For me, even though I enjoy writing, I am more of a researcher. What I research influences what I write. Thus, I could be labeled as a creative researcher in my broad category.
  3. Once you find your broad category of your passion, now it is time to either start looking for work in your areas of interest or find internships to be sure that is what you want to do, or honing your skills. If we have a passion for something, we are always looking for new ways to learn, develop, express, and better our skills.
  4. Find mentors in your field of interest if you want to work your passion. This will help you really figure out what your passion is if someone else is already doing it.  Only do this if you have a great portfolio that the mentor can see.  Remember, they can’t help you if you don’t know what you want.  Also, without a tangible material they also won’t know that level you are, beginner or advanced in your craft.
  5. Know your limits. Sometimes our passion cannot be a profitable. This is because once we start doing what we love as our work, it becomes work. For some this is alright, but for others it stifles their drive and creativity. I know for myself, I would never be able to turn my writing into a full-time job, as I am inspired at different times, and to have that creativity every single day would become a burden to me. I much rather work on my writing on the side of my other work that I get paid for. So my passion is a hobby instead of a profitable career.
  6. Keep in mind that we all have board passions. Writing is not my only passion. I also have a passion for music, art, dance, etc. Do not limit yourself to one passion only, try to incorporate all your passions in your day to day life, and that will be truly living life to the fullest.

Alright, that is all the tips for now, I hope they will be helpful to you and leave any comments below if you have any more suggestions.

Have a great Friday,


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