How to Enjoy Life

Many times, we think if we have something, such as a great career, toy, electronic, beauty gadget, etc, we will be happy and finally enjoy life.
However, many times things, especially those as advertised as delivering great results, may not deliver such promises. Also, having happiness linked to things is a dangerous thing.
In this article, we will explore how to enjoy life presently. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the future, or unable to let go of the past, to really enjoy the life we have and live presently.
So here are my tips to how to enjoy life today.

1. Live for the moment, and find little sparks of joy in every activity

Sometimes we are often too impatient for the day or task we dislike to end. However, life is not made out of single events, but a stream of consistent activities. Thus, try to live life in the moment. Instead of complaining that your bed needs to be made, try to make a memory out of it. Put some music on, do your favorite dance, have your kids help, and give them a life story about you. This is how memories are created and how you will enjoy the task that is at hand much better.

2.Spend quality time with friends and family

Many of our  greatest moments and events are made with family and friends.  Thus, makings sure you make a point to spend more time with friends and family members not only allows you to relax and interact, but also make memories and enjoy life more.

3. Make time for the things you enjoy.

In our lifetime, we will have many jobs that we either like somewhat, or hate with vengeance. Thus, to be able to enjoy life better at present in a not so perfect job, give yourself time to focus on the things you really enjoy.  Invest in yourself to having lessons in music, dance, drawing, singing lessons. These will help brighten your outlook on life, and thus help you to enjoy life presently.

4. Take time to take care of yourself and have mental and physical rest hour.

In our hectic lives, we believe that somehow neglecting our body or mental health is OK, as long as we are busy. However, being busy does not equal being productive. We can be busy doing non-engaging things that do nothing to boost our creative or work output.  Thus it is essential to take the time to meditate, set out goals, reflect on your past accomplishments, and what you want to do in the future. This would be great to do after a long, luxurious bath, with some body pampering.

5. Learn new things that you always wanted to learn

Part of the beauty of enjoying life is to find the balance between the things that you love doing and the things that you need to do, yet don’t enjoy as much. So, if you feel like you are consistently doing what you don’t like, try to carve out some time so you can do what you do like. For example, I always made time for writing. If I can’t write, that would take my enjoyment out of life. I feel so much better after I have written something.

Spend more time in the great outdoors

In our modern day lives, we are often so wrapped up in abstract ideas and concepts that we forget the beautiful environment around us. I know if I don’t spend time outside, I feel discontented with my life, and more likely to do things that are not in my best interest, such as watching too much YouTube, online shopping, or just not doing anything productive or helpful for both my mental and physical health. Thus, taking the time to get outside will help you to enjoy life.

6. Always made your day memorable

We only have one life to life, so in order to enjoy life we need to always made our day memorable. Start a journal and write down what made you life, what was funny, what made you smile, and what really made you happy that day. Doing this will help you appreciate the little things in life that we often forget to remember.

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