Fun Things to do this Summer

Hello All,

As summer is wrapping to a close, I thought it would be a great time to find some things to do with your friends.

So here are my suggestions to do before summer ends.

Go for a hike  

Now I don’t know about you, but a day without a walk outdoors makes my day feel incomplete. So take advantage of the glorious  summer weather and find some walking or biking trails for you and your friends to explore. This will take your mind off of work and you will be refreshed in your time with nature and good fellowship.

Go for a walk around a lake or pond

My sister,a friend, and I did this recently and was so fun. We got to see so many ducks and birds, as well as getting some serious exercise.  There is something relaxing about being near water on a nice sunny day. So grab your friends and get some fresh air and exercise.

Go to the zoo

The zoo is not only for kids, it can be quite fun for young adults as well. I haven’t been to the zoo for many years, but I loved every time I went there. My favorite part was feeding the baby goats or baby elephants. Gather your friends and have fun exploring all the animals of the world.

Go zip-lining

This would be a fun event for your friends if they are not afraid of heights. My brother went on his fourteen birthday with my father, and they had a blast. So if you and your friends are not afraid of heights, then definitely get together to do this activity. If anyone is afraid of the height, but don’t want to be left out, have them take your pictures. I have lots of pictures of when my brother and dad went and gave the pictures to them as a Christmas present.

  Watch a Sunrise or Sunset at the Beach

I have only done this once in my life, when I was on a youth choir tour, we watched a sunset and a sunrise on different days.  The sunrise on the beautiful clear ocean waters were always so breathtakingly beautiful. If you or your friends are Facebook or Instagram enthusiastic, then this would be a great photographic activity,

Theme Parks

If finances allow, go to a theme or water park. My favorite picks would be either bush gardens, Epcot, or Sea World. Do whatever you and your friends like. Since I am terrified of roller-coasters, then going to a big theme park with lots of them wouldn’t be for me.

Remember, no matter what you do, just take the time to connect and treasure your friends this summer. It might not be too long before they are in school, which might be in a different state. As I have always said in previous posts, treasure each day as if it is your last and  treasure everyone as if you might never see them again. This is one way to live without many regrets.

Have a great afternoon,



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