Elegant Series: How to be an Elegant Person

I finally got around to doing my elegant series that I said I would do a few years ago. Part of the reason that I didn’t do this is because I was still figuring out what being elegant as a person is in itself. Most of the research that I have done is how to life elegantly, which is mimizing the clutter and maximiazing how to life. But what about being elegant, what are the tips? There was little about that, so I had to learn through much observation and thoughts.  So today we will start with dress, next we will dive into posture, manners, and lastly books.

How to Dress as an Elegant Person

What comes to your mind when you visualize an elegant person?  Perhaps you see them with immaculate hair, clothes that seem tailored just for them,  Perhaps, you think of Duchess of Cambridge, who I think embodies what I believe is an elegant person.   Whatever your image might be it is sufficient to say that,there is a sense that an elegant person knows how to dress for every occasion. Do you have a friend who always looks put together, yet doesn’t appear to have made any effort?  I have several friends like this, and though we can envy their ease of knowing how to dress for every occasion under the sun and always look elegant, there is a sense that they have mastered this art. So how can we learn from them? Here are a few things I have gathered.

  1. Know what clothes suit you. We all have different body types so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what clothes work and excetuate your figure.  Don’t be afraid to research your body type. And also don’t be afraid to show off your body. I mean you can show off your curves in a beautiful and feminine way.   Try wearing more skirts and tailored tops, such as sweaters and blazers.  Don’t be afraid of wearing pastels in classic styles.  if you need any inspiration there are tons of pictures on Pinterest, just research classic or elegant dressing styles for body types.
  2. Find colors that work with your skin tone.  An elegant person knows exactly what colors suit her skin tone. She doesn’t wear anything that clashes or make her look sallow. For myself, since I am Asian, I cannot wear any color of yellow, without looking very washed out. But I know that I look good in red, blue, and brown. If you need any further help, there a lot of video’s on YouTube and charts on Pinterest. These are my go-to’s when I am having trouble trying to find clothes that work with my skin tone and what I can be on the look out to buy to add to my wardrobe.
  3. Always be free to express your particular style. Once you know what type of clothes work for you and what colors, then you are well on your way to being elegant. Now take from what your learned about yourself from tips 1 and 2 and find your own unique style. Some of us are more edgy, they like a more rugged earthy look. And you can be classy dressing this way. Instead of looking like you just came from an outdoor hike for a business meeting, try to use those colors that you like, such as brown and green in a more flattering setting, such as a nice earthy skirt, paired with either a crip white or cream blouse that can either be button up or have nice lace or other detailing on the front. You can pair the blouse with a nice sweater or blazer. For shoes, you can wear nice mary jane shoes of either brown or cream.  Now you can arrive to your meeting with confidence.

I hope that these tips are helpful, if you have any more suggestions let me know in the comments,

Have a great weekend,



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