How did I do with my Goals for 2018?


It seems that I just this this, but 2018 is officially over. So, how did I do with my goals for 2018?

I will start in order from the first goal that I mentioned, which was being braver. I wish that I was more specific last year about how being braver looks like. But I still think I accomplished this goal, as I have done things that I thought I would never think I would be able to do.

The second goal, was to learn how to play an instrument either old or new. And this goal I really accomplished. In February of 2018, I ordered my harp. And by May I had a brand new harp in my room. I was excited beyond words. Since my harp took longer than I anticipated, I couldn’t sign up for Spring lessons, but I did sign up for summer and fall lessons. Even though I am still learning, I feel that this goal has really made my grow and learn more about myself. I feel more alive and motivated to do more things that I desire to learn.

The third goal, was to learn how to sew. Again, I wish I was more specific of what learning to sew was to me at the time. I mean, does this mean learning how to hem, sew a button, simple mending skills or more elaborate, such as making a dress. I will certainly change this in this year’s goals. Since I wasn’t very clear, I still don’t know if I accomplished this goal to the extent I would have liked. But still, I did hem a lot of concert dresses. So I guess that that counts.

And the fourth goal was to have concrete objects of the projects I am working on. And I have to say that I definatly accompishd this goal by self publishing the first draft of my book. Even though the book has a lot of work that needs to be done, I am just so excited that I have a physical copy to read.

And the final goal was to spend more time with family. Again, I wish I was more specific about how I would accomplish this goal. But, I think during December, I have been spending more time with family, such as going out to eat and watching old movies.

So, I think I did pretty well in 2018 in my goals.

Let me know in the comments how you think 2018 went for you,

Have a great day,


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