How to Create A Legacy Box

I have been thinking about something lately, about how to create a legacy.
What do you want to leave behind for other’s to remember you by? This doesn’t actually mean that you have to die, but something that you can create so that those who miss you can look over the contents and feel that you are near.

Here are my tips of creating the perfect memory box. That way whenever you are away from your family or even friends for an extended period of time, they can open the box and feel comforted.

Here are some of the things that I would include in my Legacy Box

  1. A nice photobook . I know for me that looking back at photos of some of my favorite memories put me in a good mood. So before you leave, make sure to put together a nice photobook with lots of pictures and decorations of your taste. Sometimes, just knowing it was handled and made by you, can make those who are missing you feel like you are near.
  2.  Some of your favorite things . For me this would be some finished cross stitch samplers that I absolutely love, my favorite CD’s, sheet music, and tea accessories.  And of course my favorite novels. 
  3. A bunch of cards and notes with something that you would say all the time. Pinterest has a plethora of inspiration for “Open me” letters.

Once you have gathered and made everything you would like to put in your legacy box, then find a nice box, preferably one that is deep and has a key, so that when you leave, you can give access to one family member to your box. I just find anything with a key just adds a lot of sentimental value. And don’t forget, if you are going away for college or work, then ask for some sentimental items from your family members. I know when I am married, I will leave behind a Legacy box, but will keep many sentimental items from my family in my hope chest. I will detail what I have in my hope chest in the next post.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a great week,


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