How to keep going in the midst of Defeat

Life can be hard. How do you keep going when you are sure you have failed? And have lost all the motivation to continue.

Yes, Life can be hard, difficult, and challenging. Sometimes even more in specific moments of our lives. How do we raise ourselves up to face the morning? Or find the courage to start over again?

I know it won’t be easy to reset. You have poured so much of your time into this, and now you either must find another way to finish, or admit defeat. But don’t worry, I have some tips to help you over come these challenges and find your spark and motivation again.

  1. Reset and Recharge. When faced with difficulties, rest is the perfect solution. You need to reset your priorities. What is most important? Trying to finish what you have begun or to relocate your energies to something else? Take this time not to think about any projects, but allow yourself to mentally rest. For me, whenever I am having a hard time finishing a project, I will watch a good movie. Something that is not too graphic, but allows me to rest. Then the next day, I am able to think clearer and know what I need to do in order to succeed.
  2. Change your perspective. Sometimes the heart of a problem with a project is that our mind needs to be changed. We are so certain that a project has to be done a particular way, that we cannot wrap our heads around doing it differently. If you cannot change your perspective yourself, let someone you trust know about your situation. They may help encourage you to think differently and even motivate you to finish the project in a whole new light.
  3. Create Something. Doing this can really improve your confidence and motivation. I like to doodle. Or if I really need a confidence boost I will paint. Doing something small helps awaken your courage, to know that you can do something. And that can make a big difference in finding your inner spark.
  4. Make New Goals. So for whatever reason the goals of your project failed. So, now begin again and write down new goals. Goals that you know that you can conquer.
  5. Smile. You are relieved of the project or failed goal. Now go out and smile. Smiling allows you to get the stress off. Who wants to do something that is no longer working for them? Write down your new goals and make positive remarks about how the old ones were good intentions, but weren’t right for you at this moment. Remember these feelings of defeat will soon pass. Keep yourself happy.

I hope these tips help any of you who are currently struggling. It is hard to work at doing what you love at times. I know some of you are questioning if the sacrifice and drain on one’s mental and emotional state is worth it. I am here to say that it will be worth it, you just have to hang in there. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just don’t give up, no matter what happens.

Have a great weekend,


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