Gratitude and why we need more of it

Why do we need to have gratitude?
Some days we just dwell on the bad things that happen in life, such as getting a flat tire, computer crashing,  burning dinner, etc. Sometimes we envy people that seem to have it all and wish dearly for our lives to mean something.
So what does it mean to have gratitude?
How can we stop the constant everyday fretting of if we are worthy, good enough, and all the other questions that life throws at us and just be happy to be alive? Research shows that people that have gratitude have more relaxed lives and are more healthy than those who don’t practice having gratitude.
So , what are some daily habits of people who have a lot of gratitude. How is their lives and reaction to life different?
Well keep on reading as I did a little search on how we can take some of the little habits of grateful people and use them to deepen and give us something positive to think about.

1. They Journal- keeping a journal can reinforce positive thoughts. I can tell that this works. As I have kept a journal since I was eight years old, when I journal my thoughts, I become more grateful for the little things in life and also look forward to the things that I can improve upon. Writing everything down whether it be positive or negative, gives me the momentum to plan for a better tomorrow and help me to improve on areas that I need to work on.  And this practice also helps as I will read my entries a few days later and feel guilty if I fail what I told myself I would do.
2. Don’t avoid the negative. Sometimes we think that avoiding negative thoughts and activities will help us become more positive. But sometimes that is not the case. When something goes wrong, for me, I least I think of what could have happen even more negatively, and that allows me to find the positives of the situation and being grateful that the situation didn’t become any more serious.
3. Spend time with loved ones – We all know that spending time with family and close friends boosts our mood and overall outlook on life. Grateful people spend more time with their family. And we all need to spend more time with our loved ones. Life is so uncertain, if we truly love and care for each other, we should make and take all the time necessary to maintain  relationships.
4. And express your love to them- Take the time to go out of your way to show your love and appreciation of your family and friends. You will notice that you will become more happy and content when you show love and appreciation for others.
5. Use social media mindfully- using social media too much can result in having a low self esteem and image. We cannot be like most of those people on Instragam and shouldn’t want to be. We need to be happy to be who we are.
6. Know the value of the little things.  I love looking and appreciating roses. Nature is so beautiful. And sometimes we forget this if we are in the thick of things. Sometimes just moving to a different location  helps us get a better control of our thoughts. Then we are able to appreciate all the hard work that we get to do.
7. Get moving. In our modern culture, we sit way too much. Get up, get moving. Be grateful for the body that you have, that you can move and stretch. If I am feeling down, going to see my roses and being outside generally helps me feel better. And this motivates me to do my very best and strive to reach my goals and dreams.

Well that is all the tips I have. Remember that life is a beautiful journey, we should be grateful for everything that we have and  for all the opportunities for us to grow and mature. We only life once, let us all take moment and fully appreciate each and every moment that have to be alive.

Have a great week,


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