How to Stay Focused

These are strange times. I don’t know about you, but being away from my usual routine, I am having a hard time keeping my focus. I am not used to staying home for long periods. I am sure that many of you are in the same loop.

Only a few days ago, after being quite unfocused and unmotivated to do much, other than writing blogs, I finally got out of the fog, rearing to see what projects I can finish or get a good start on during this quarantine time.

So tune into this post so that you can get your focus back.

A Productive Holiday

Treat this time as a once in a lifetime break from everyday life. Have you ever imagined having a full month to work on a personal project, what you could accomplish? Treat this time just like that. Don’t be tempted to laze around. Because when work comes back and you are busier than ever, you will regret the time that you could have spent to a better purpose. For me, my primary goal, as work is still closed, is to get my third book in my trilogy ready for first proof publishing. I only have to edit the chapters, as I have done the majority of work during the national writing month, NaNoWriMo. I also want to finish the last chapters in my music dissertation that I began writing to help with the first book of my trilogy. I hope to have these projects to be completed or nearly so by the end of this month.

Take Advantage of Time-Productivity Apps

Now that you have some motivation, it is a great time to start using time-management apps. Using these apps will help you maintain focus. I like to use the Pomodoro timer. When I set the clock, I can only do the task at hand for that amount of time. Just knowing that the clock is ticking is a big motivator for me to keep on task. Since there are so many time-management apps to choose, I would experiment until you find the one that fits your needs. Doing this method helped me keep distractions at bay.

Take Breaks

I know that some people can stay on one topic for eight hours or longer. But for the vast majority of us, it can be hard to stay focused even for half an hour. For me, I find that it helps to work hard for an hour, then to take a short break. This break can last as long as needed, but no longer than thirty minutes. During the break, I can watch a short YouTube video, check my emails, or do a bit of housework. Doing this, I can get as much done in an hour. And I feel much more productive if I have some tangible results. So, don’t be afraid of taking breaks, as taking breaks can help you maintain focus and be more productive.

Use Private App Extensions

If you are truly struggling to stop scrolling, Instagram, Facebook, the news, then you need to take advantage of browser apps that help with distractions. With these browsers and apps, you can choose the websites and apps to block when you need to be distraction-free. There are many browsers and apps to choose from, so experiment until you find one that works for you.

Spruce up Your Office Space

Now that we are home more than ever, it is time to freshen up your office space. Create a space in which you would be excited to work in. Bring in fresh flowers from the garden. Try to keep clutter at a minimum. However, if you are still feeling unfocused, then you might need to work in a different place. Sometimes to get better focus, one needs to move in a different place. This is why coffee shops are so popular. Since we cannot go to a coffee shop right now, try working in different areas of your house. No this doesn’t mean you should work on your couch, but on a solid structure, such as the dinning room table or another office set up in a different room. If you and your spouse have seprate working spaces, ask if it would be alright to switch working places. Same with siblings. This way you can have a new environment without leaving your house.

Use Virtual meetings to Keep in touch with Work Team Members

We have so much to be thankful for in this age of technology. Why be alone if you don’t have to? Skype, facetime, or use any other method of virtual meetings to connect with your workmates. Why not have a virtual working day, adhering to the same schedule as you normally would if you were at work? This way both of you are held accountable. And it is also a great way to stay in touch and feel as if you are in the same office environment. This can also be great not only for work but for school as well.

I hope that you find these tips helpful. Remember to also take time to focus on things that matter, such as staying in touch with family and friends. It is a unique time for all of us, but what is most important is to create a sense of unity and compassion. Don’t worry so much about work if you truly cannot focus. But cherish each day that you have with family and those you love.

Stay safe and healthy and have a great week,


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