How to Refresh Yourself

I thought that this would be a perfect time to add this post. Many of us are leaving our homes for the first time in a few weeks. We are getting back to work. However, many of us are finding ourselves weary. We have spent a few weeks being afraid, afraid of the virus, our future, and vulnerable family members. And though we are getting back to work, many of us are still weary. And the stress of working again isn’t helping.

So here are my tips to help you ease into getting back to work and adjusting your schedules.

Take time for a quiet hour

Use this hour to relax and have some time to think. Sometimes having a hour just to regather your thoughts and organize yourself can help you be calm and collected. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, after taking a quiet hour, I feel like I have more of a handle of what I need to do, and feel much less stressed as a result.

Journal your thoughts

During your quiet hour you can journal what you are thinking and feeling. This will help you get all of those emotions out of your system. And also for you to remember how you felt during this time, and if anything like this happens in the future, you can refer to these journal entries to remind yourself that this shall pass and we will get through it.

Be Kind to yourself

Don’t try to force yourself to take on too much. Gradually allow yourself to add more to your current schedule. Even I am a bit rusty after being off work for a month and a half. I am also gradually adding more work and to-do’s to my list, but allowing myself to rest if I don’t feel like doing something. It will take some time to mentally get our heads around all the stress and worry of this time.

Allow your mind to rest

Do something completely unrelated to your usual mental simulation for the day. If you currently are trying to learn a new language, then try to find another language that interest you just for fun. If you write a lot, find some books that you have been meaning to read and spend a few hours reading. As I said before in how to stick to a routine, just changing how you spend your time can help you be refreshed.

Take a Day Holiday

If you can, take the day off and only do things that you enjoy, Sometimes to rest our brain, we need to stop thinking about everything that is normal for us. For your day off, so something special and fun. Go to the beach. Do your favorite hobbies, read, sew, paint, for an entire day. When I do this, I feel so inspired and motivated to create and write more. When we do the things that we enjoy, we find relaxation and our mental facilities are refreshed and restored.

Focus on stillness

Do not rush. Allow yourself to find simple pleasures in each moment. Cease to think about anything. Remind yourself that there is so much more in life that we need to be reminded about. So whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to be still. Look at the window and the see the beauty of nature. Think about something that you are thankful for. You will find that once you focus on stillness that you will be able to reorganize your thoughts and be able to work much better afterwards.

I hope that you found that these tips were helpful. Remember this will not be permadent. We will get back to normal; it will just take some time. In the meantime, let us treasure what we do have, finding small ways in which we can be thankful and grateful.

Have a great week,


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