Re-evaluate and Reflecting on your Goals

I know that this year has been tough for everyone. Some of you have had trouble fulfilling your goals for this year. However, I am here to give you some guidance and reassurance. Although you cannot do as much as you wanted, as it is almost the end of the year, you can made a conscious effort in using the time that you have to do something towards your goals.

So don’t feel discouraged . Doing something everyday is worth it. If we are consistant, our goals will be fulfilled and our desires will be rewarded.

So here are my tips in helping you to get the rest out the year.

Re-evaluate what you can do for the remainder of the year

As we are in the eight month of the year, we only have four more months until the end of the year. So really think what is reasonable for you to try to accomplish. Remember that we are not robots. We cannot shorten the process of what takes a lot of time and effort.

Perhaps one of your goals this year was to get fit. You can still get fit, but need to look over your goals and see what is realistic in the time frame you have. With the time you have, it may be unrealistic to try to get a six pack, run a marathon, etc. But you can make new goals involving fitness, such as learning how to do a push up, riding a bike, or learning to jump rope. When we allow ourselves the grace to lower a higher goal, we are learning how to be proactive and productive with our time. Our time is precious, and we shouldn’t set a goal so high that we feel like we can’t reach it and thus procrastinate or don’t feel any joy when working towards that goal. We should be driven to succeed and fill joy when working towards your goals and dreams.

What are some things that you can put off for next year?

Since this year is nearly over, there are some goals that will have to be put off until next year. But, don’t stress out. If you don’t fulfill a goal this year, there is still plenty of time to achieve it next year. In fact, I firmly believe in working towards your goals little by little. A too lofty goal will make you anxious and nervous, and most likely put it off as you are afraid of failing. But remember, just starting is a step in the right direction. No one fails. The only people that fail are those that don’t try. When we strive, no matter the obstacles in our path, we are succeeding.

So just take a look at the goals that you set for yourself this year and see which ones you will be more included to start again in the new year.

Mine would be to work on my cookbook project next year. Although I wanted to get a good start this year, not having the funds has made this goal challenging. So I decided to give myself grace and begin this goal next year, when things should be starting to get better.

What plan can you do for today to get your closer to your goal?

Perhaps you can do today is to sort out all of your goals and put them into plans. From the plans mark what seems feasible for you to do in a weekend, week, and a day. Once you have those plans in place it will be easier for you to find where you are and finish the year strong.

How to set Your Remaining Goals up for success

Here are some examples

Goal: Learning photography

You can still learn photography. There are several courses available online that only take a few hours, such as Slayer Academy, and Alison courses. If your goal was not only to learn photography, but to start making your photography portfolio, you may need to scale back and possible just start to lay out what you want your photography portfolio to look like and then start taking photographs and editing them. Possibly plan to only do about twenty photos. That way if you done those, you can do another ten or twenty. But the goal is low enough that you can easily do it over a span of a couple weeks.

Goal: Getting Fit

You can still get fit. With anything, it is best to start small and work your way to higher goals. So start by just walking, or doing a gentle exercise. And find a routine where you can incorporate small increments of exercise. Trying to go from no doing any routine to a full hour of a work out would be too much. When I first started working out, I did so for about fifteen minutes. That was a right amount of time. Enough that I felt like I was doing something and not too long that I dreaded working out.

Those are just two examples of how you can turn your year long goals into short more manageable goals to finish out the year.

I hope you found this helpful. Remember that if we work hard, our dreams will come true.

Have a great rest of your week,


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