Beauty Haul For July

Hello everyone,
My sister and I recently go some really nice beauty products. Since I haven’t done a beauty haul in a while, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.
I will give you the details of the items and in a month or so give a review of what they are doing for my skin.

Rose Hip Oil

The first product is, Rose Hip Oil

This is a great oil for the summer, as it is light and not heavy. I also like the fact that it helps fade scars and heal blemishes. This is definitely an oil I would recommend for those with problem skin.

Skin Renew Firming Serum

The second up is  Lanoline  Collagee  Skin Renew Firming Serum

This is a great serum that has a lot of anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamin C, Green Tea, and a new one Kiwifriut oil. It has a very nice scent, and it not too heavy either. Thus, this is a perfect serum for the hot summer months.

Skin-Refining Face Serum

And the next one up is “Skin-Refining Face Serum” this serum also has collagen and Vitamin C which is good for helping the skin to absorb all those good antioxidants.

And the last on is “Aloe and Rosewater Hydrating Mist” I have always wanted to try rose water, and my sister saw it as we were going to check out.


Aloe and Rosewater Face Mist


So that is all the beauty goodies that we got.  I will update in a few weeks to see how everything is working for us.

Have a great day,



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