Doing Something New


It is hard to believe that half the year is over already. Time really does fly!

I am going to be doing something a little different today. I have been doing something new, or a couple of things that are new, and I thought I would share them with you.

Learning to Ride Again

As children, we all had some sort of bike to roam around. However, as I grew older and outgrew my the hand-me- down bikes, for several years I didn’t have a bike to ride. Since I was home more than ever during the stay at home order, I thought it would be a great time to learn how to ride again. However, I wasn’t expecting that a lot of other people had the same idea that I had, and it took some work just to order a bike. Thankfully, I was able to get the bike and have been riding it as much as I can. It is hard to believe that something that I did almost as second nature when I was younger, now is so much tougher. But I am so excited to be doing something new that is also good for my physical well-being.

Getting a Furry Friend

The saying is true that a dog is a man’s best friend. Granted, the puppy isn’t mine, but I enjoy playing with him. My younger sister got him just after the stay at home order. I have to say that he had brought us so much joy. I enjoy walking him and seeing him grow every day. Although I don’t think having a puppy is in the cards for me in the future, I can at least enjoy the puppy though my sister.

Getting started with a Vegetable Garden

I have always wanted a flower and vegetable garden. There is something so refreshing and peaceful when working with flowers. I already have a rose garden of some sorts. However, the vegetables and herbs that my sister and I got a few years back all died. And since money has been tight, I haven’t been able to try putting together the garden again. Nonetheless, a family friend has a interesting modern garden, known as a tower garden. An assortment of vegetables and herbs can grow in this garden without the need of soil or rocks. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about this concept of a garden. But after getting the parts and the plants, I am excited to see how this garden will turn out. I would just love to go on the back porch and picking whatever I need for lunch or dinner.

So those are the things that are new for me. Have you been up to anything new lately? Let me know in the comments. I hope you all are doing well and hopefully are back to work.

As always, have a great week,


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