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notebook-336634_1920In today’s post I am going to tell you my most important tips to succeed in school or college.  These are the tips that I wished I learned earlier in my schooling.

  1. Write down everything. I know what you are thinking. That is too much work! It is so much easier to type your answers into Quizlet or a document. But, when you are learning something new, there is a link between writing it down and memorizing that information.  I know for myself I remember much more when I write it down  then when I just type it.

2.  Connect to what you are studying. I remember I was so guilty of this when I was in school, of listening to music and trying to memorize long lists of facts.  Trust me, I learn much more when I didn’t have background noise. So find a quiet place, with no distractions, and really think through what you are learning and why. This really helps find the connection between subjects. For instance, one of my college courses was Human Geography. I loved studying geography so I thought this would be a fun course to take. While it was a challenging course, it allowed me to see the connection between geography, population studies,  and intercultural communication and so much more.  So I challenge you to really think about the “why” when studying.

3.  Use Quizlet.  I love using this site when I was in school. I could put all my  terms from English, biology, basically any subject, and learn them. This site also allows you to create your own test to help with your comprehension.  Needless to say, before every major test, I used this to make sure I had everything down in my head.

4. Have a agenda.  I get  stressed out if I don’t have a very specific to-do list, and plan my day out according to the most important item then onward. So make your to-do lists everyday, starting with what you need to get done first, say a big test on the French Revolution, which is going to be in two days, to the items that are more spaced out. Then, plan how much time you need for each, say 2 hours revision for the French Revolution exam, 1 hour draft for English paper, and so forth. I found this so helpful. It really made me focus on what I was doing. I only had an hour or so, so if I didn’t get it done then, I wouldn’t be able to make up for that lost time.

5. Relax. School is a time to learn. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn from your mistakes, and hone those study skills. I know I use every single one to this day, and it has really helped me to balance work, blogging, recreation activities, and some more schooling. You can do it!

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