Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Finding the Perfect Gift

Alright, who hasn’t done a gift exchange before? Whether at school, choir, youth group, or in the office, a secret Santa gift exchange is one of the hallmarks of the Christmas season.

So if you haven’t already gotten your gifts ready for the exchange, then I hope these tips will help you in getting the perfect gift.

Try to figure out what your person you have been assigned to likes. Just be really observant without being nosy. Perhaps you notice that they love a brand of coffee, or are raving over a new restaurant in town, etc.  After this, create your shopping list. Try to get at least four things, such as their favorite snack, something from their favorite shop, something in their favorite color, and their favorite music. It doesn’t have to be these four items, just whatever you know will be great for your person.

Another idea to do for your secret Santa gift is to do it around a theme. Last year for the Secret Santa for my work, I did a Spa theme. I purchased a small glass bottle and box from Hobby Lobby. I filled the bottle with lavender bath salts, and also put in lavender nail polish, soap, and chap stick.  My secret Santa loved my gift.

Now, it is much easier if you have a Secret Santa questionnaire, which is what my workplace is doing this year.

For my secret Santa, I got some things from her favorite categories, such as her favorite snack, store, and her favorite color.

So, I hope these tips helped you figure out what to get for your Secret Santa this year, and I hope to see your soon!


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