Valentine Day Gifts

Happy February everyone!

As Valentine’s day is just around the corner, I am going to share some great ideas for gifts for that special person.  As with the Christmas gift guide, I am going to break these gifts up to inexpensive, mid-price, and luxury price range, so you can pick and choose what gifts works best for your budget.

So starting with the inexpensive gifts first, first up is

  1. Roses. Roses, especially single rose bouquets are always a  welcomed favorite among girls, myself included. Just make you present the bouquet in a pretty vase or her favorite one.
  2.  Chocolate. OK, what is a girl without her chocolate? Even if it is only a bar of chocolate, wrapped attractively, will make a great valentine’s day gift. I know there are some fairly reasonably priced truffles at Godiva, ranging from $7-11 dollars.
  3. A Valentine’s  Day Card. I know I loved receiving these in the mail when I was younger.
  4. A nice picnic lunch in a garden

Mid-Price range gifts ($30-60)

  1. Truffles Box
  2. Jewelry, earrings, bracelet, watch, etc
  3. Dinner out
  4. nice flower bouquet

Luxury gifts

These are a one time gifts for more serious couples or for those who know each other well.  These can be a great gift for celebrating relationships with each other and all the memories of that relationship and the promise of the future.

  1. Candle-light dinner, with music
  2. Go to the opera or another event
  3. A day at the spa
  4. A Getaway for Two


I hope this gift guide is helpful, and stay tuned for more Valentine Themed ideas.


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