How am I doing with my Budget?

A little while back, I did a post about budgeting. I shared some budgeting challenges and said my sister and I are going to start trying out the 12 week, the 12 month, and the 26 week saving plan.

So, how is it going so far?

Although the plan seems straightforward  it is rather hard to stick to. Since I am paid bi-monthly, it can be hard to allocate even 100 dollars for the 12 month saving plan. Thus, I have to split it up, for example  $50 at the first of the month, $50 at the second month.

Also, I am not following the agenda exactly, as everyone else I have bills to pay, sometimes unexpected expenses that cut the amount that I would save.

But in the end, it is really about actually  saving money. We all have big financial goals. However, when unexpected expenses arise, it can thwart our plans and weaken our resolve. Then we go back to the cycle of not saving or not saving enough.   These plans work and show even if the amount is small, it does add up over time.

So, I will keep the plans as a reference and an inspiration to keep saving, even if it is only 10 dollars sometimes, because 10 dollars can add up to $1,000 or more over time as well.

See you next time,


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