Organizational Tips for Decluttering

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As mentioned in a few posts, I will continuing to give you tips as we all tackle our clutter. Today’s tip is organization. Having good organization is crucial to maintaining a cutter free lifestyle.

One of the main reasons that organization is so important is that done well, it can show you exactly what amount of stuff you have. I think closets today leave much to be desired in terms of organization.  You put the clothes, food, or whatever items in the closet, and then don’t know how many you have, or forget what you own, and therefore go out and buy the same exact item.  As a motto goes” Out of sight and out of mind ” perfectly describe what most closets are to us.

However, if you organize your items by categories and then display them beautifully, then you know exactly what you have and are excited to use or wear all of your things.

  1. If you can afford it, buy some organizational dividers. This will help you separate your items into categories.  In the closet, there are many affordable closet organization compartments  that you can buy to help separate you clothes and see exactly what you have.
  2. Donate anything you have doubles or triples.
  3. Make a home for every object in your house, and make sure that object stays there and you and everyone who uses it puts it there. By not having a home for all your possessions is another main reason for unwanted clutter.
  4. Once you have found a home for all your belongings, now it is time to carefully arrange them. Make sure this arrangement excites you when you grab to use the item, and makes you smile when you put it away. For me, adding flowers, or soft ribbons around the drawer or area makes me happy to see and use the items, and more likely to put it away.

Alright, that is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and will try some of the tips. If you have any more tips, let me know in the comments.

Have a great day!


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