Back to School Tips Revisited

Welcome Back!
I hope those who are in school or studying had a great few weeks off. As school is starting back from the holidays, I thought it would be the perfect time to revisit some school studying tips. I have some new tips, ideas, and new device as well to be sharing. So let us get started.

  1. Make an after-school routine. In this routine make it a point to do at least two hours of studying with the regular unwinding after a long day. For some, this might mean tackling your assignments as soon as you get home. For others, this may mean taking a quick walk to reflect on the day and to get in the mood before starting school assignments. Whatever method works for you, once you found it, stick to it. Having a routine will help not only in school but later on in the work life.
  2. Use private web browsers, such as LeechBlock, Browsy Screen, Web Runner. These browsers allow you to set timers on browsing unrelated material and create a distraction-free environment. This is a sure way to stay focused and finish the task at hand
  3. Take one subject at a time and make a point to study everything. I know it may seem tempting to only study what is important for the time being. Say, for example, you have a Spanish vocabulary test coming up, so you only spend time on the vocabulary, not on anything else. Even though you might get a good grade on the vocabulary, make it a point to go over everything. Not only will this prepare you for the long weeks of finals, it will also help you appreciate the joys of learning. True learning is being able to remember what you learned. Who knows when your studying of Spanish and any other subject will come in handy.
  4. Have a study partner. If you absolutely hate a subject or are really lost, then find a study partner. You can turn this into a session for the both of you. You can help your partner in something you are especially strong in, and he or she, in turn, can help you in something that they are especially strong in. Be careful though that you don’t turn these study sessions into gossip time and forget about actually studying.
  5. Hire a tutor. There is nothing wrong with hiring a tutor. I was tutored in college in math. I wouldn’t have ever managed to finish the one requiring math course if I hadn’t been tutored. So if study partnering isn’t helping, then turn to some professional help.
  6. Use study tools wisely. There are a plethora of online study tools that can seem so innocent, such as Quizlet, Memrise, Cliff Notes, you get the picture. However, these can be your disadvantage. I know for myself, I would spend hours typing vocabulary into Quizlet, but never actually study the material I worked so hard to put on flashcards. This is because I was exhausted, and second, I thought I did very well by just typing in the word and definition for those hours, and I was good to go. However, I realized, though later than I wanted that I still needed to learn the vocabulary. I wound up not even using the one I made, but search for others. So instead of making all your study aids, search for them on Quizlet, and other sites. Some were even made by teachers of a particular subject. This is the sure way you are using your study time wisely, and still, have time to enjoy yourself after you are finished.
  7. Use noise cutting headphones. This is actually a new one for me. I was recently reached out by a representative of an article group called Reviews. com, who did a study on the best noise canceling headphones. So instead of trying to summarize their wonderful work, I am just going to insert the link here, and you can check out the article, and maybe even purchase your very own noise cutting headphones. I know that if I had this during my school and college, it would have immensely helped me, as I live with a large family and thus have a very noisy house. And these headphones would as be perfect on the go studying as well. You could study basically anywhere with this device.

I hope these tips were helpful and happy studying!



Special thanks to Elizabeth Reyolds for reaching out and recommending noise cancelling headphones.

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