How to Live Purposefully

  We only live life once, so learning how to life purposely will help us all to life to the fullest.

Life is more than waking, up, more than an occupation.  What I think about living life to with purpose, is to live intentionally, to do things that have bigger intentions than you, that will in a sense outlive you.

So here are my tips on how to live purposefully,

  1. Find what you truly want to do and get out of life. This is a must if you want to life with a purpose.
  2. Have set goals, that are outside of work. These should be goals of being a good person, being charitable, making something creative. These will help you balance what you want out of life  and the life that you have a present.  Often, we have to work very hard for your dream life, it doesn’t happen overnight.  Therefore,allowing yourself to have an hour or two (if you can afford to) to do what you love, then it will make you want to pursue your dream more, then having it being just a fragment of your imagination.
  3. Live out your goals. It is one thing to have a dream, but it is another to actually set out goals and take them down one by one. For example, one of my dreams is to play the harp, just for fun. So my goal would be to save enough money to buy a harp, have it made, and then save up money for harp lessons.  If I fail to do any of these goals, then I won’t be able to achieve my dream of playing the harp. So make sure that you are able to accomplish your goals, that they are S.M.A.R.T goals.
  4. Don’t waste time. These days there are so many things that distract us. We can watch TV anywhere we are with the inventions of smartphones, apple watches, et. Doing anything that distracts you from your dreams or purpose on life is wasting your precious time. Now I am not saying you can’t have relaxation,but everything must be laid out in a routine. You can reward yourself with watching your favorite movie or TV shows after you have done your work on your goals.
  5. Fuel your passions. Sometimes we get too worked up on work that is not our passion. So we must take the time  and fuel our true passions. If we don’t, we will be in a constant state of mental deprivation. If you love and enjoy doing something, then try to make time to do it every single day to relax and reset your mind and body. This means that if you love music. why not take more time to go to concerts. take up lessons. or have parties around music and performance. Think about the old TV shows such as Dick Van Dyke, who frequently had dinner parties with musical performances from everyone.  Doing these activities  will encourage and motivate you to keep up with your passions and not let them slide because you think you don’t have time to adequately pursue them. If you love something, you must make the time for it.
  6. And my final tip is to have great friends who will influence, encourage, and strengthen your purpose in life. They will help you keep accountable. Make sure you tell them how you want to live life purposely, and have them check up on you periodically to see if you are following through. As it is often said, “It is easy to talk the talk, but difficult to walk the walk.”  So with your friends and family making sure you follow through, then you are more likely to accomplish your goals and purpose in life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and use any of the tips that I have presented here. Let me know if there is any other ways you can think of how to live purposely in the comments.

Until next time,


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