Where have I been?

Hello lovelies,
Well, it seems a long time since I last posted.
So, where have I been?
I really decided to do something on my New Year’s Resolution List, and finally finish writing a book that I have been working on for the past three years. Since I knew this would be very hard and stressful, I allowed myself some time from my other work so I  could truly focus on this one major project.
From the experience, I have to say that I am more inspired and alive. All these years of writing New Year’s resolutions, I finally really accomplished something that I set out to.
So now that I have one book finished and am working on the second, I thought it was time to get back to blogging. I am excited for what the New Year has in store and have many wonderful projects planned for this website, so stay tuned.

Have a great New Year,

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