How to Have the Best Year Ever

We are already in two weeks into the new Year.
In today’s post, I am going to shar how you can have the best year ever.
Doing this does require some planning, and why not start in January?

Make a Vision Board

I just recently discovered this and it has certainly helped me become more inspired to do the things that I would like to do to actually making a plan and committing to that plan.  I used Cavana  to create a template and then put all the pictures of the things I want to do in 2019 in a free template. And to make sure that I remember what I want to do and accomplish, I saved it to my computer desktop. Seeing what you want to accomplish can really inspire you to get up and get a move on doing what you want to get accomplished this year. I know some of the things you have put down for New Year’s resolutions are hard and take time, such as getting in shape, writing a book. So having a picture that is right in front of you of the finished product will make you more inspired to dedicate some time to the project every single day.

Make  a Bucket List

Making a Bucket List will also make the year fun and interesting.  You don’t want to look back after the year is over and realize that you haven’t accomplished on thing on your bucket list, or worse yet, fail to even compile one. This is an area that I just recently discovered and hope to share what I have accomplished on my bucket list in my 2019 reflection post.

Make a Memory Book of the Year

This is a great way to remember all the things that you did and accomplished in 2019. Sometimes it is hard to see life as it is from day to day. But suddenly those days become weeks, and those weeks become months. My goal for this year to make a memory book of all the things that I have done and this will inspire me to continue to grow and learn and be excited for what I can do in the years to come.

Make a large print of your favorite memory and put it on the wall

This really coincides with the last point of making a memory book. I mean won’t it be fun to look at the picture and remember about the time that you went somewhere or to an event? This will also motivate you to plan your goals and accomplishments. I mean it is motivation enough for me to have a physical copy of my book in my hands, but I have to write the story before that can ever happen. Just imagine what pictures could be on your living room walls and then plan backwards to what you need to do to accomplish this. Make it a family event to so that everyone in the family can look back and remember how they all contributed.

Have Fun

Don’t get boggled down on what you should or shouldn’t do. Live is to be lived and remembered. You won’t remember the little things that bugged you but the big things, the trips you took with friends and family, your accomplishment, your service to others, etc. Always try to imagine the bigger picture of your life. Sometimes what helps me is to imagine if someone was to give a eulogy  about me, what would they say about me? what accomplishments would they have pointed to? These questions can really inspire and motivate me to plan and evaluate what I want to get out of my life.

I hope that these tips were helpful to you, and I look forward to having the best year ever of laughter, love, and, learning.

Have a great week,


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