How to be Kind to yourself During the Holidays

Christmas is a joyful occasion. We get to have many holiday gatherings. Meet up with friends and family that we haven’t seen all year. Yet in spite of all the holiday cheer, there is also the stress of managing everything.

So, if you are like most during this holiday season and starting to get run down and stressed out, then this post is for you.  Use this post as a reminder that we don’t have to do everything and be everything, especially in this holiday season.  Yes, it is a festive occasion, but we also need some time for relaxation and reflection.

So,  without further ado, let us get started.

  1. Sit down and get your plans together. There is nothing more stressful to have a million ideas, plans, or things to do, places to go whirling around in your head. So, sit down and for an hour or two write down everything down, all your anticipated social gatherings, appointments that need to be scheduled are already scheduled, food that needs to be prepared, and the last minute items that you need to shop for. Doing this will allow you to feel more relaxed and at ease, knowing you don’t have to remember all these tasks, that you wrote them down and now can focus on enjoying the season.
  2. It is okay to say no to a social gathering-  During this time it is far too tempting to think we must go to every social party that is being held by friends and family. However, this can be exhausting if you already have long work hours or still haven’t completed all your holiday to-do list. But we do have the ability to decline. If many of the same people are going to another party, just plan on going to that party and not the many others. Remember that you deserve to have some relaxation time during this season as well.
  3. Don’t try to do everything- There is just not enough time and you to go around. Don’t try to stick to the same habits during the holiday season. It is okay to just  take a break from your regular routine so that you can relax more. 
  4. Don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself- We have all made hasty statements in the heat of excitement. Last year you promised everyone that you would throw a holiday party  or go all out with Christmas decorations or throw together a donation packages for poor children. You probably thought that a year is all the time you need to accomplish what you said you would. Perhaps all of these things were the last things on your mind, that is until a few weeks ago. Now, it is all rush and burn. So try not to create unnecessary stress to yourself. Allow yourself to take these responsibilities, but don’t let them become the centerpiece for the whole month.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help-Sometimes an extra hand is just what you need to get what you need accomplished. Have a sitter take the kids so that you can wrap presents without interruption. Or ask a good friend or neighbor to help you set up and clean up after your holiday party. Make sure to thank her or him  with an appropriate  gift and card for their willingness and aid.
  6.  Remember to enjoy yourself- don’t get so wrapped up in the little details and all the mistakes, so that you can’t enjoy the party.   It is a season of celebration. Enjoy yourself with the friends and family that you don’t get to see often.

I hope that these tips were helpful. Christmas is such a glorious occasion. Get into the spirt and bring cheer and good will to all.

Happy Holidays,


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