Refresh for Spring

Spring has finally come. I love the warmer temperatures and the sound of birds every morning. Spring and Summer are my favorite months of the year. I don’t dislike winter. Winter is beautiful in it own way. But I do dislike being cold

Now that the weather is nice, we can start refreshing our spaces for the new season.

Here are some of my spring refresh ideas to get you in the mood for spring.

1. Do some spring cleaning. Now that the sun is out and it is warmer, it is a good time to start cleaning things that have gotten dusty or neglected. I like to do a complete deep clean of the house, cleaning the house from top to bottom. There is nothing better than the fragrance of a freshly cleaned house.

2. Get some new plants. If you live in a slightly warmer climate such as I do, then March is the perfect time to get some new flowers and plants to replace the ones that either died or are just not in season anymore. This is my favorite part of spring. I love trimming and pruning my roses.

3 Refresh your wardrobe. Have you been wearing the same pair of pants or leggings since winter started? Don’t be embarrest, I know I have. Now that it is getting warmer, you can start to rearrange your wardrobe, putting your most pretty items in the front and winter items towards the back.

4 Get some fresh flowers. Decorate your space with fresh spring flowers. There is nothing better about the spring than the first blooms. Everything is awake and alive again.

And that is all my suggestions for you. If you have any particular favorite tradition to do when it is spring, let me know in the comments. I would love to read them.

Have a great day,


P.S I had originally wanted to post this when it was truly spring, March 19. But with the recent events, my initial thought was to postpone the post. However, as this virus could be still potent for at least three to four months, I decided to go ahead and post it. As many of the things we can still do while in self isolation. My prayers go out to all of you impacted by this virus.

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