Getting in the Mood for Autumn

Autumn is here, and that means lovely fall colors ( at least in some places, not here in Florida unfortunately), apples, pumpkins and turtle neck sweaters.

I do love autumn, even though it is the the shortest season for us.  However, it can be quite sad when summer stops. I know this is especially true for those who live in the northern hemisphere.  So here are my five tips to help you got in the mood for this new season.

  1. Redecorate your space. Find ways to use autumn colors around your house. Doing this will help you get excited for the new season.
  2. change out your outfits and accessories. Getting in the mood for any news season means changing up what you are wearing and accessorizing.  So if you are normally wearing soft pinks and pastels during  the summer, change it to more darker colors such as orange, brown, or beige, or anything that sparks fun for the new season.
  3. Change up your make up and hair. Getting a new hair do or makeup staple can make getting in the mood for any season much easier. You can get some nice highlights or a shorter cut for the coming winter season.
  4. Get active. Autumn is the perfect season to start getting active. As the weather is getting cooler, it can be more enjoyable to ride a bike, go hiking, boating, or canoeing. If you live somewhere where the leaves change color, it will also be quite a picturesque.
  5. Enjoy fireside meals or parties. Also, as the weather is getting cooler, it would also be fun to have fireside meals or parties.  Invite some friends for an autumn themed party. This will help not only you but also your friends embrace the new season.

That is all my tips, I hope these will help you, and get excited for autumn and winter.

Have a great day,


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