My Favorite Online Shops

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Today I am going to be sharing what my favorite online shops are. These are the shops where I get most of my clothing and accessories.

The first one up is

This is really where I get the majority of my clothes. The prices are so perfectly affordable, that it can be hard to stop shopping.  The quality of the clothing is really nice, especially considering the low prices. The only drawback on this site is that the shipping takes a long time, sometimes over a month, depending if the clothing is in stock or not.


This is a beautiful shop, with vintage inspired clothing. I don’t often shop here because it is a little pricey. However, there a quite good sales. There is one dress that I absolutely loved a few years ago. But the price of $59.99 was a little much for my pre-employment salary. So, I waited hoping that that dress would go on sale. Between waiting I got a job. I promised myself, that if that dress went on sale on black Friday that I would buy it.  It turns out that it did go on sale, from $59.99 to $24.99, so I got it. My sister also got a dress from them during their summer sale for about $19.99.  The quality of the clothing that I have gotten are really good.  So if you like the vintage vibe, then definitely check out this store.

This site is where I get most of my accessories, such as earrings, rings, braclets, etc. I love how these items are all homemade. It makes the piece extra special. My favorite sellers are Tiny Camellia and Lovemeekie.  Since I am a short person, it can be hard to find accessories that don’t overwhelm my small frame. It is hard to find delicate jewelry in physical shops, so I often turn to online shops for these items.  So if you like small and minimalist jewelry, check out Esty. com.


That is all the online shops I go to. Leave comments below of what your favorite shops are, I would love to read them.

As always, have a good day,


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